Gramado – A little piece of Europe in Brazil

With impressive architecture, excellent gastronomy, beautiful scenery and a lot of attractions; is the charming Gramado city – in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the Serra Gaúcha region. One of the most famous destinations to visit in Brazil.

Gramado Portal

Gramado is one of the towns along the fascinating route known as Rota Romântica (Romantic Route). This beautiful city is also famous for its colonial cafes, artisanal chocolates, fondues and wineries.
Influenced by 19th-century German immigrants, the city holds a Bavarian-style surrounded by Alpine chalets, chocolatiers and artisan shops.
Including a population estimated in 35.000 inhabitants, Gramado looks like a scenic city: cold climate, European-style atmosphere, and wide-ranging gastronomy.

Among a range of excellent hotels and restaurants, this City offers the best of entertainment for couples and families.
The region attracts millions of tourists every year due to its Events like the famous Christmas of Lights. Also in the winter, Gramado receives the Film Festival, an event that brings even more glamour to the city.

Best places to see in Gramado:

With a range of attractions and tours in Gramado to explore this fantastic city, I’ve selected the most famous places that I recommend to visit:

Lago Negro (Black Lake): it’s about an artificial deep lake revealing water in a dark green colour. It is a must-see place to relax or to appreciate the exuberant nature by a tour in a pedal boat.

Stone Cathedral: It is a beautiful and imponent Roman Catholic Cathedral, built-in a stunning gothic architecture.

Snowland: first America’s Winter-themed Park built in an alpine-style village and an indoor. This Park include a snow-covered hill for skiing and tubing.

Chocolate Museum: first Chocolate Factory’s Brazil, is a great place to know the history of Chocolate. It is also famous for the Eiffel Tower all made with the delicious chocolate of Gramado.

Mini-Mundo: absolutely an unmissable attraction! It is about an outdoor park with replicas in miniature of international buildings, Europe cities, homes, railways, castles, and tourist attractions from around the world.

Canela Tour: book this tour to explore this charming and quiet city near Gramado. Canela is surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes like the State Park Caracol. It is about splendid waterfalls, formed by the Caracol River and in the middle of cliffs.

Luxury stay: Hotel Estalagem St. HubertusS

Whichever you choose a tourist hotel or a luxury resort, all accommodations ensure to offer the best stay to the guest with the highest quality service. Such as the restaurants, which may include transfer to pick up visitors in the hotel with no charge.
St. Hubertus Estalagem: is a small luxury hotel, well-known as one of the best in the word by Travellers Choice, 2017, TripAdvisor.
This amazing Hotel is located in front of Lago Negro (Black Lake) with stunning views. Also, it is rated one of the most romantic hotels in Brazil, offering a complete structure for your stay in Gramado is pleasant and unforgettable.

View of Hotel to Black Lake

How to Get There

The distance between the nearest airport in Porto Alegre to Gramado is 120 km. It takes approximately 1h 50m in road driving. Which suits for you, at Salgado Filho Aiport you can rent a car, take a bus or book a transfer.
There are numberless of receptive travel agencies to offer this service in a private car or shuttle. Also, they offer all tours above to explore this region.

Whichever way you choose, by pre-booking your travel arrangements in advance, you’ll save money on your journey.

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