Porto de Galinhas Beach, Pernambuco, Brazil

The city of Recife, capital of Pernambuco, is known as the Brazilian Venice, famous for its rivers, bridges, and canals. Moreover, distinguished by beautiful scenery, historic buildings and beautiful beaches.
In addition to the remarkable culture and Recife Antigo, on its island by the harbour, is the historic old town centre dating to the 16th century.

Although, whether you are looking for a place to enjoy in a “Caribbean Atmosphere,” like beaches with white sand and several coconuts trees, go on to the Porto de Galinhas Beach.

That is a small beach town, very popular as a weekend getaway for people from nearby Recife and the major tourist destination of Pernambuco.
Porto de Galinhas beach is famous for its crystal clear waters, natural pools, good infrastructure and outdoor activities like tours in a “jangada” (traditional fisherman’s raft), city tours, bike rides, jet skiing, adventure sports, swimming in the beautiful ocean, shows, events and great nightlife.

Additionally, the beach of Porto de Galinhas is an excellent place for diving and observations of shoal and corals. There are several spots with superior visibility. The Bright, and warm water of Porto de Galinhas Beach create natural pools on beautiful reefs at low tide. When this fascinating natural phenomenon happens, you can see several colourful fishes. You can reach the natural pools by rafting tour or walking.

In Porto de Galinhas village, you can find attractive options of accommodations in the town, shops, fashion and local handicrafts (traditional chicken sculpture), bars and delicious restaurants serving from seafood to pasta.

Luxury Stay: Nannai Resort & Spa

Located on the white sands of Muro Alto Beach, this luxe beach resort sits among palm trees and is 11 km from the town of Porto de Galinhas.
Nannai Resort & Spa offers world-class service and a wide range of activities for its guests.
This magnificent Hotel offers through its tropical architecture, comfortable surroundings, combined with tranquillity and privacy.
The Resort follows a philosophy of personalised treatment, manifested in the concern, care and dedication to all guests.
Accommodations are distributed in Luxury Apartments and Bungalows with their own private pool with spacious rooms, sea view gardens and lounges. All designed to complete the romantic and pleasant atmosphere, in an environment ideal for couples.

How to get there

Porto de Galinhas is located on the northern coastline of Brazil, almost 70 kilometres from Recife. Gilberto Freyre in Recife is the closest airport to Porto de Galinhas, more commonly referred to as Guararapes Airport.
There are four ways in which you can get to Porto de Galinhas from the airport: bus, private taxi or organised transfer, shared taxi (without a timetable) or by car.

Whichever way you choose, by pre-booking your travel arrangements in advance, you’ll save money on your journey.

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