Belmond Andean Explorer – Peru

If you are planning to visit the Lost City of the Incas, then, here’s a suggestion to become your trip in an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

The Belmond Andean Explorer is a luxurious train sleeper service which offers a choice of one- or two-night journeys, since from Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, through the highest plains of the Andes to Arequipa. In addition, it has a lot of stops to explore archaeological landscapes and natural wonders including the fascinating Lake Titicaca.
The Train started to operate in May 2017 and has been brought from Australia costing approximately 16 million dollars. The train is equipped with 24 rooms to accommodate up to 48 passengers, and each cabin contains its own bathroom and shower. Also has Spa, Lounge, Bar, Observatory and two dining cars to offer the most refined Peruvian cuisine by renowned local chefs.

The prices may vary according to the tour. Rates start from USD 1.110 in a Bunck Bed Cabin to USD1.620 in a Suite Deluxe Cabin and trips of 2 nights, from USD 3.540 in a Bunk Bed Cabin to USD 4.180 in a Suite Deluxe Cabin. Besides, all board meals and beverages, entertainment, excursions and bilingual guides are included in the rates.


Peruvian Highlands – Every Thursday
Cusco – Puno – Arequipa: 3 Days, 2 Nights
Andean Plains & Islands of Discovery – Every Saturday
Arequipa – Puno – Cusco: 2 Days, 2 Nights
Spirit of the Water – Every Tuesday
Cusco – Puno: 1 Day, 1 Night
Spirit of the Andes– Every Wednesday
Puno – Cusco: 1 Day, 1 Night Departure Stations:
Wanchaq Station (Cusco)
Lago Titicaca Station (Puno)
Arequipa Station (Arequipa)

Best time to travel to Peru:

May-September: It’s Winter, but the driest and best season to visit Machu Pichu. April, October and November present unpredictable weather.
December-March): It’s summer, but is also the wettest season, with frequent heavy showers. Inca Trail closes during February.

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